Flowers Delivery in Dubai , Abu Dhabi , Sharjah , Ajman , Al Ain & Ras Al Khaimah

Dubai Flower was originally founded in February 2007 with the aim of giving flower buyers direct access to thousands of flower shops around the UAE.
Dubai Flowers who ran a successful chain of florist shops in Dubai, the idea of The Dubai flowers was to give customers better value for money. we could send orders to each other for delivery in the UAE, without the customer losing any of their order value. You could say it was a collection of florists who cared about customers, not just profits.
The approach, unsurprisingly, worked with customers receiving more flowers for their money in bigger bouquets, all because the florist was receiving all of the money from an order. Customers loved it!
As the business grew, flower buyers started to request a website where they could order flowers online, directly via the shop that would be delivering the flowers, as once again people were unhappy of not knowing which shop would be delivering their order. Always looking to put customers first, The Dubai Flower was set up. Today, with 3,500 florists delivering flowers in whole Dubai, The Dubai Flower is growing rapidly, with business built around the following cornerstones:
The best possible value with 100% of the flower value of an order going to the delivering florist, allowing them to use more expensive flowers, more blooms, better packaging and generally creating better bouquets than those sent through our rivals
Full customer choice, with the opportunity for consumers to select a particular shop of their choice, with information such about the shop. The desire for florists to use their own creative skills to give flower senders something different to the norm – we encourage flair and individuality
The opportunity to order directly from a real local florist, with 24/7 availability over the internet
The belief that the only charge you should ever pay for the privilege of using Dubai Flower is the transmission fee, which contributes to the website operation and promotion.
All-in-all, the Dubai Flower approach means putting customers first, revolutionizing the way people send flowers around the world. With more and more customers discovering the Dubai Flower way every day, it’s an approach that’s working wonders.
Five star reviews
Each and every customer matters to The Dubai Flower and your chosen florist, which is why we utilize a star rating system in order to keep standards high. For each and every order placed, you’ll be asked to rate the service received out of five, meaning the florist is accountable for every order they deliver. And, because your rating and review comments can be seen by potential future customers, it’s in the interest of the florist to deliver a top quality design each and every time.
The Dubai Flower is different way of doing business
Unlike the other “order gathering” services and organizations, where prices are set by the central organization, without reference to the individual florists, and are applied throughout a country without taking into account individual shop overheads or regional costs, The Dubai Flower allows each florist to set their own prices, allowing them to make the most of local flower production and local supplier special offers. This results in better prices across the board.
Also, did you know that with most floral gift companies as little as 60% of the total amount spent by you, the customer, goes to the shop delivering the flowers after a commission is taken out? As we don’t do this, it’s easy to see why The Dubai Flower ensures customers receive better value for money and a better service.